With relevant techno-commercial experience and an established base of principals, Blue Chip International has built a reputation for itself as the premier products and solutions provider. We aim to establish and maintain a lasting relationship with our customers by offering superb technical support and investing in our people to provide professional and useful services to all our customers.


  • Academics and R&D.
  • Application Software.
  • Bio-medical & Life Sciences.
  • Chemical & Biological.
  • Civil, Environmental & Transportation.
  • Electrical & Electronics.
  • IT & Telecommunications.
  • Mechanical, Manufacturing & Process.
  • Metallurgical & Materials.
  • Military & Defence.


  • Academics and R&D.
  • Application Software.
  • GPS/GIS.
  • Location Based Mapping.
  • Satellite Image Processing.

Information Technology:

  • Academics and R&D.
  • Application Software.
  • Content and Document Management.